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Square Dancing - You will walk a few miles a night, ie, good exercise, dance to beat of the music, meet a few interesting people, and even a few "different folks".  The downside?  Well, you may have to forgo the couch, the TV, or the Web, for one night, a week....

Heavens to Merga-Troy, ...., can you do it?                                     

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Tork Clark/me? And my
Tork and JimO
Tork and Roger

Class Flyer
Tuesdays 6:30 PM

Starts 9/23, 9/30, ..., & beyond
Caller: Tork Clark
Camden Community Center
3369 Union Ave.

San Jose, CA

Katydids Square Dance Club
Club Caller: Jim Osborne

Fridays 7:00 PM
400 West Campbell Avenue
Campbell, CA 95008
Dory and Tork (me) at a hoedown
We try and dance a couple Saturdays a month at an event, and attend our club on Friday nights, and of course, I love teaching the CPSD class on Tuesday evenings.
TopJim Osborne, my first dance teacher, Bottom, Roger Smith, my second, and somebody who watches me call, and hands out "free" advice...
    many thanks here.......

How I started square dancing....
It was a dark and stormy night.  Actually it had been raining and storming for two weeks back in the winter of 2008.  My wife and I had a real serious case of cabin fever.  I had seen a flier for a class in the city of Campbell which was near my work.  So my wife and I showed up for the first night.  We were late and the class had already started.  The doors were closed as it was cold out.  So we chickened out.  But the following week we came back.  The doors were open, and we were on time.  We completed the class, took another one as the first class only went thru the Mainstream level.
Our first hoedown, a bit nerve wracking also.  Everybody danced better than us.  We broke the squares down.  But after awhile we were doing fine.  Everyone was understanding.
How I started Square Dance Calling......
I started calling tentatively at first.  Sang my first song in May of 2009 near the end of Plus class.  In January of 2010 I started in earnest trying to call by co-teaching a class with 3 other newer callers.  It was tough going.   Lots of studying.  Learning to call is like playing an instrument.  It takes practice, study, and time.  Dancers expect calls to exit your mouth at the right time for them to absorb the meaning.   Slowly getting better.  It appears to take 5-10 years for a square dance caller to get decent.   I think I'm on my way.

Since I have started calling I have called in California, Texas, Virgina, North Carolina, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Michigan, and Washington.  When I am on travel for work, sometimes in the evenings, I just look up a club, drop in, say hello, and dance.  Never been turned down, everybody has been nice, sometimes they have let me call also.  What a deal!

One of my favorite YouTube square dance videos.  I like the song, "Dancing on a Saturday Night", from Feb-1975 timeframe, a Barry Bond recording.   This event occurred in Sweden. Note that square dance calling is always in English, in Europe, or in Asia.  What does that mean?  See the next box to the right.... Same song as the one on the left, younger crowd here, a bit faster, and a different style, but also in Sweden.  I love the song, I save it for special events.    Hmm, visit Germany, visit a club there, and dance.  I can't help it if you can't talk to anyone.  But you can follow the calls, as they are in English.  Even if it's an "Ethnic" song.  What a deal!!

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